Catering to the needs of every customer as an individual..

About Us

Our History

Lambertview Associates, Inc. has been in business since May of 1988. Founded by Susanne M. Kilcullen, Lambertview has been successful for over 30 years and is proud to offer outstanding service to customers – our utmost priority.

John F. Kilcullen - Sales/Marketing

John has worked for major steel and fiber drum companies and has vast experience in chemical and consumer products, which also includes relationships with Fortune 500 companies.

Susanne M. Kilcullen - CFO/Customer Relations

Susanne has industrial and financial expertise in the Pharmaceutical industry, having worked with major players like Warner-Lambert (Pfizer) for 25 years.

Lambertview offers competitive pricing and takes pride in serving the needs of our customers. Our sales team works directly with manufacturers to ensure all customer requirements are exactly as specified. We provide packaging services to a wide range of industries which include specialty chemicals, cleaning products, personal care, and beverage companies. Our products cater to those customers who require certain pallet and drum requirements that meet their business needs. We offer competitive pricing and pride our business on responsive, thorough customer service.

At Lambertview Associates, Inc., our highly skilled and experienced team is comprised of packaging specialists who are dedicated to catering to the needs of every customer as an individual.